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Magnify your brand's visibility, website visits and online conversions with a fully tailored PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign.


  • PPC advertising is a cost-effective solution to increasing the number of high-quality users who visit & use your website.

  • This will lead to an increase in conversions, leads, sales and revenue.

  • PPC ads offer a variety of unique ways to engage with your existing customers, as well as attracting new ones.

  • Expand your audience by advertising across a wide range of websites and online platforms.

  • PPC advertising is fully trackable and measurable, allowing you to understand more about your website visitors and site performance from the data generated. 




Tailored Approach


Your company is completely unique to you; with unique offerings, services, branding and goals, each aligning with what you are trying to achieve online. 


To complete your unique approach, I will work on creating a fully tailored strategy that meets and fulfils your needs, allowing your online business to grow in positive ways.

The strategy will be carefully put together, exploring the correct places to advertise alongside the needed budget to really make a splash in the market.

This type of approach ensures that you are targeting the right users at the right places, to generate high volumes of great traffic that leads to online conversions.

Ad Types


Search / Text Ads

Instantly jump to the top of Google Search results for all relevant terms to inject your website with high-quality traffic. 

The beauty of Google Search adverts is that you only ever pay when someone clicks on them which keeps costs low.


Video Ads

Advertise your brand to the masses, targeting the right audience across the worlds most popular video networks and social media sites.

Video ads are great for gaining high levels of exposure, website traffic and conversions.


Audio & Music Ads

Promote your brand, services and product range to high-quality users while they are listening to music and podcasts on Spotify.

Target users during specific times of the day, by the musical genre that they are listening to and their interests to help drive awareness and site visits.


Display & Image Ads

Promote your brand, services and products with engaging visual adverts across over 90% of websites on the internet, including YouTube and Gmail.

By strategically choosing which audiences to target, Google Display ads can maximise your brand's awareness to the right users.


App Download Ads

Boost the awareness of your app (IOS and Android) to a large volume of users to encourage them to download and install it on their device. 

Advertise your app across multiple online platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. 


Shopping & Product Ads

Promote your entire product catalogue to users across Google, Facebook and Instagram with dynamic product based Shopping adverts.

Target users by their Google search queries, interests, and demographics to get your products in front of the right people.

Free Audit

Claim your free PPC audit today.

Are you already running PPC campaigns but feel that they could be performing better?

Get in touch today and claim your free PPC audit to help identify ways to improve your performance.


Each month you will receive a constructive report that will highlight the performance of the account, campaigns and adverts.

This report will be tailored to you, allowing you to receive a report that is useful for you. If you like a simple report that only focuses on the top line figures then that is what I can send you. Or, if you wanted to know the narrative to the strategic changes on the account then I will happily include these for you. 


Custom Creatives


Some digital marketing strategies will require professional creatives such as imagery, design and video.

If you have a creative eye yourself then we can use your designs for your advertising campaigns.

If you don't have access to any design elements, then I will happily put you in touch with one of many professional designers whom I work closely on other advertising projects to help create your visual adverts for you.

Let's talk about your
digital marketing.

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